Sunday, February 21, 2010

Synopsis Take Three

The story begins with a young boy walking down a street, he's carrying a stick and wooden shield and he's swinging at the air. As he walks by a house he hears a loud banging noise, so he goes to investigate.

Parallel to this story is another story. A Soldier walks down an alley and spots a soldier of the opposite force .

Cut back to the young boy as he sees that the sound is coming from another young boy hitting a tree with a stick. The little boy excited to see a boy his age, asks if he wants to duel. They begin to sword fight.

Cut to the soldier. As he is about to turn the corner he is spotted and a hail of gunfire hits the wall near him.

Cut back to the kids fighting.

Cuts back to the soldiers fighting. The main soldier shoots and hits the man from the opposing force knocking him down.

Cuts back to the main boy knocking down his new found friend.

Cuts back to the soldier looking down at the fallen man.

Cuts back to the boy helping his friend up.

Cuts back to the soldier helping the man up.

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