Monday, February 15, 2010

Brief Synopsis

The story revolves around two childhood friends who are now grown up and heading to war.

The first part of the animation is going to show photographs of the children. It's going to pan out of the photograph into present day, where you see a man holding the photo. The man is going to be greeted by his son.

It is going to cut to another man and his wife hugging and saying their goodbyes. The man walks over to a table where he picks up his helmet and gun.

Cuts back to the man and his son. The man gives his son a goodbye hug and picks up his rifle and helmet, then heads out the door.

Cuts to other man heading out the door. He steps outside where he can see burning buildings and helicopters fly by.

Cuts back to other man looking around corners of buildings. He spots a man and takes aim. He shoots and the man falls down. He walks up to the man he just shot and stops dead in his tracks when he realizes that it is his childhood friend. He falls to his knees near the man.

Cuts to the photograph of the two friends.

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